It’s funny how you come to meet people. As an avid coffee shop goer, I’ve seen/held my fair share of pre-wedding meetings. For the one’s I’ve been witness to, I’m always on high alert: what vendor are they; how’s their pitch compared to mine; are they part of the whack pack or do they seem chill? For ones that happen within ear shot, I’m especially in tune. Not creepy or anything, right…

The story of how we met these two started with my non-creepy eavesdropping habit prior to our own client meeting at a Starbucks here in San Diego. Mary was meeting with a prospective DJ to discuss her San Diego wedding coming up later this year. The guy was a mega chiller–typically this, combined with the fact that the guy is not also a photographer, means that I’m going to try and chat post-meeting to see where they’re at in the wedding process. One thing led to another and we had a chance to hang out with these two during their downtown san diego library engagement session!

The downtown san diego library engagement session was a blast! Our covert ops combines with these two’s love of books and libraries made for the perfect session. Add to that a quick pit stop at Copa Vida downtown san diego for a quick coffee and we were in heaven. Thanks Mary and Justin for being such rad people!


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